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 ASAC2011  [2011.04.15]
 Engineers Australia¡¯s National...  [2011.04.15]
 SC Forum, March 20, 2010, Taip...  [2011.04.15]
      ¢¹ Vol.4, No.1, May 2011  
      ¢¹ Vol.3, No.1, March 2010  
      ¢¹ Vol.2, No.1, June 2009  
      ¢¹ Vol.1, No.1, June 2008  
The Asian Control Conference (ASCC) is a biennial event and a major control event held in Asia. ASCC 2006 provides resear
chers, engineers, and professional worldwide...
The AJC is the first international journal originating from the Asian Pacific region and being recognized by the major body of control researchers in this region...
The ACPA was initiated during the IFAC World Congress in San Francisco in July 1996. The ACPA is an unusual organization as a link of educators in Asia and Oceania created...
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